Festival Calender 2018

13 Feb - Shivaratri

01 Mar - Holi, the festival of color

14 Apr - New Year and Bisket Jatra Festival in Thimi and Bhaktapur, color festival in Thimi and pulling of chariot of God Bishket in Bhaktapur
16 Apr - Mother's Day, the day children respect mom with sweet
17 Apr - Putting the goddess Machindra Nath in the chariot
19 Apr 
- Pulling chariot of goddess Machindra Nath
30 Apr - Buddha's Birthday or Buddha Jayanti

09 Aug - Gathamuga or driving ghost out from city
18 Aug - Panchadan in Patan, offering food to Buddha
26 Aug - Janai Punhi, offering food to frog
27 Aug - Saparu or Gai Jatra, worshiping relative who already pass away
28 Aug - Mataya in Patan, worshing 800 Buddhas in Patan

02 Sep - Shree Krishna's birthday, people go to worship God Krishna temple in Patan Durbar Square
07 Sep - Panchadan in Kathmandu, offering food to Buddha
09 Sep - Father's Day, respecting dad with sweet
12 Sep - Teej, women do fasting and worship the Lord Shiva   
24 Sep -Indra Jatra, Pulling chariot of Kumari (living Goddess) in Kathmandu
25 Sep -Yenya Punhi or Chaatha, sharing feast or Samay Kayegu in Patan

10 Oct-19 Oct  - Dashain Festival, the longest Hindu festival in Nepal

05 Nov-09 Nov - Tihar or Diwali, festival of light and New Year of ethnic Newar in Kathmandu valley